What Triggers Fat Storage?

I’ve struggled for many, many years on understanding how to eat! Should I eat more protein? Low carb? One large meal or small meals throughout the day? There is so much conflicting information out there that it seems hopeless. For the past two+ years, I’ve been following a way of eating that makes me feel and look my best (thanks to Kimberly Snyder!) but I still yearn to understand what is going on internally when you consume foods/drinks! I truly believe that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!  I’ve learned that eating should not be seen as an activity, but instead, a way of fueling our bodies. No one (that I have ever met) wants to be sick, have cancer, be overweight/obese, so why consume foods that lead us to that state of DIS-EASE? I know that if I educate myself on what happens internally when I eat processed foods or high fructose corn syrup, then there’s a better chance that I’m going to think twice before I put it into my body. So let’s learn!

Currently, I am reading “Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It” by Gary Taubes. He broke down the intricate process of what happens internally when we eat “bad” carbohydrates. (Refined Flour and Sugar ie cookies, cake, cereal, ice cream, soda, fruit juices, potato chips, fried foods, white bread/rice, pizza, pasta, etc) This information is so important for us to understand so that we can break the process of poor eating habits NOW and prevent obesity/disease/cancer in the future.

First things first, we unfortunately don’t have control over our particularly body type. Some of us are more prone to put on weight and that’s just the way it is. But that doesn’t mean we have to be overweight or obese, it just means that we have to pay extra attention to what kinds of food we consume – especially carbohydrates! Bad Carbs, like I listed above, are digested quickly and flood the bloodstream with glucose. Your blood sugar spikes and insulin levels elevate! The Good Carbs (leafy green veggies, fruits, sweet potatoes, beans and grains like quinoa or millet), on the other hand, are bound with indigestible fiber and take much longer to enter our bloodstream and be digested. So what does this mean?

Even before we actually start putting food into our body, our minds start the process of insulin secretion just by thinking about eating. (Crazy, huh!?) The insulin signals the fat cells to shut down the release of fatty acids and take up more fatty acids from the circulation. Then you start getting hungry/hungrier and finally begin eating. More insulin is secreted and as the carbs are digested and enter the circulation as glucose, your blood sugar levels start to rise and even MORE insulin is secreted. Fat from the diet is stored in the fat cells as are some of the carbs that are converted into fat in the liver. The fat cells get fatter and so do you. The fat remains in the fat cells until the insulin level drops. Whew! That’s an intense process, but something that our body does time and time again. However, when we eat good carbs, not as much insulin is secreted and we are able to mobilize the fat and use it for fuel versus store it in the fat cells keeping us lean!

So in short, if you want to stay trim and healthy you need to avoid the “Bad” carbs and stock up on the “Good” carbs! What I’ve noticed is when I avoid foods containing refined flour and sugar, my cravings for those unhealthy foods diminish. When I eat the “Good” carbs, I am more satisfied, plus I look and physically/mentally feel my best! I challenge you to try the same as nothing resonates more than personal experience!

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