BURN THIS Studio Review: Barre Belle

Check out my review of BARRE BELLE for BurnThis below!


Located in between hip restaurants and shops, Barre Belle, is a bright, airy space with high ceilings and beautiful dark wood contrasts. The entryway was crowded with regulars chatting with the stunning owner and sole instructor, Marnie Alton, and we could immediately feel the community vibe she had created. We got a quick tour of the open space, and was impressed when Marnie mentioned she had personally designed and built out most of the studio, with a little help from family and friends. She then showed us our space at the Barre, we grabbed some weights and were eager to experience the sold out, signature Barre Sculpt class. We began with a quick warm-up and dove right into toning our arms. Even though our weights were light, the continuous repetitions and minute movements got our arms burning fast! We could feel the long, lean “dancers” muscles being sculpted away. Our instructor continuously gave personalized adjustments and compliments to every student, which definitely showed how much she cared about our success. That also really helped keep us present and motivated to work through the challenge. When we headed back to the Barre, we began to focus more on our lower body with plenty of ballet-inspired postures. Our legs started to get a little wobbly, especially when we were given a ball to hold in between our thighs. But the motivational lyrics from Eminem, Kanye, and Destiny’s Child, coupled with the inspirational wisdom from our instructor made the uncontrollable shaking of our legs a tad bit more manageable. We finished off with a bit of core work and some much-needed stretching.

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