BURN THIS Studio Review: Cardio Barre Santa Monica

Check out my review of CARDIO BARRE SANTA MONICA for BurnThis below!


We’ve tried our fair share of Barre classes, but were excited to experience the much raved about Cardio Barre!  The Santa Monica studio is perfectly situated in the heart of Venice on Lincoln Bouelvard. We were greeted by the friendly staff and numerous magazine accolades about the workout interspersed throughout the space. Our instructor was highly recommended, and she made sure to put us near some regulars so we could refer to them during the fast-paced choreography.

We started with a light warm-up and soon after, got the heart rate elevated and sweat glistening! At the Barre, we targeted the tiny muscles in the glutes and legs with ballet-inspired exercises to create those coveted dancers legs. We also used light weights as added resistance to burn fat and perfectly sculpt our arms. The instructor made sure to continuously keep our posture and form in check, which was helpful considering the pace of the workout was quick in order to get the “Cardio” aspect in. Lastly, we targeted our abs, even though they had already gotten a lot of work by just trying to maintain our balance at the Barre. By the end of class, we could definitely see why it was so popular! Whether you are a dancer or not, this workout is an excellent way to tone and elongate your body in all the right places.

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