Why Subway is NOT a “Healthy” Alternative to Fast Food

I used to swing by a Subway in between my Tuesday clients to grab a quick sandwich because I was in an industrial part of town. With gas stations, McDonald’s and Starbuck’s as my only other options for lunch, I thought that I was making the healthiest choice. However, like clock work, about 3 hours after consuming my veggie sandwich with a side of Baked Lay’s, I always felt a bit gas-y & hungry! As I continued to educate myself on the importance of eating “REAL” food, I realized that my Subway sandwich & “healthy” chips were not giving my body the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it was craving! Therefore, my brain was telling my body to EAT MORE because it still needed the proper fuel to function. Also, after researching the ingredients in Subway’s bread, I discovered the most likely culprit for my gas – READ BELOW (in addition, of course, to the chemical, oil, salt-laden chips!) The research continued to reveal that most of Subway’s “FRESH” veggies also had chemicals and preservatives to keep them looking crisp and vibrant! Yuck!


Even though it was convenient, I knew I had to change up my routine in order to feel better and properly care for my body. So every Monday, I prepare a lunch to take with me in between my Tuesday clients. I usually have some type of Kale salad, a grain like quinoa or couscous, and a vegetable like cauliflower or okra. My body is getting the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it craves, I never have gas, and I never feel hungry afterwards. Preparation is KEY to success, especially when it comes to your health and physical well-being. So carve out some time throughout your week to prepare some easy recipes that you and your family can enjoy for lunch or dinner when you are on-the-go. I guarantee your body and mind will thank you!

Below is a list of ingredients from some of Subway’s most popular items! Remember, KNOWLEDGE is POWER, so before you eat, know what you are eating! You only have one body in this lifetime. If you don’t take care of it, where else are you going to live?


Subway® Italian Bread, Monterey Jack cheese (cultured pasteurized milk, salt, enzymes, artificial color), cheddar cheese (cultured pasteurized milk, salt, enzymes, artificial color) potato starch and powdered cellulose added to prevent caking, natamycin [a natural mold inhibitor]), garlic powder, corn maltodextrin, long grain rice powder, salt, toasted breadcrumbs (wheat flour, dextrose, modified wheat starch, sugar, salt, yeast, caramel coloring, paprika), spice, parmesan cheese solids (milk, cheese, cultures, salt, enzymes, calcium chloride), cellulose), modified palm oil, oregano, natural and artificial flavor (including butter extract), sunflower oil, whey, gum arabic, citric acid, yeast extract, lactic acid, calcium lactate, disodium phosphate and not more than 2% silicon dioxide added (as anticaking agent).

*Artificial Colors & Caramel Coloring have been linked to Cancer, ADHD (especially in children), hyperactivity, migraines, and anxiety.

*Corn Maltodextrin is just as bad as eating white refined sugar. If you aren’t planning on running a marathon or doing several hours of exercise, calories will store as fat just like sugar does.


Beef, water, soy protein concentrate, breadcrumbs (bleached wheat flour, sugar, salt, soybean oil, dried yeast), seasoning (dehydrated onion and garlic, salt, spice, dehydrated parsley, soybean oil), Romano cheese (made from pasteurized cow’s milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes).

Marinara Sauce: tomatoes, tomato puree (water, tomato paste), corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, soybean oil, modified food starch, salt, dehydrated onions, spices, onion powder

*Soy Protein Concentrate contains high levels of Aluminum, which is toxic to the nervous system & kidneys, soy is also hard to digest, linked to thyroid disorders, increased breast cancer risk, and allergies.

*High Fructose Corn Syrup consumption promotes weight gain, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia, and many more ailments!

HAM (Black Forest)

Ham cured with: Water, dextrose, 2% or less of modified food starch, salt, potassium lactate, seasoning [potassium chloride, pork stock, sugar, yeast extract, salt, lactic acid, fructose, sunflower oil, cysteine hydrochloride, calcium lactate, modified food starch, flavors, grill flavor (from sunflower oil), polysorbate 80, rendered pork fat, and smoke flavor], sodium phosphate, sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, caramel color.

*Sodium Nitrite is a preservative used in processed meat. It has been linked directly to heart disease and diabetes. All the other uses of Sodium = Salt! Excess salt = High blood pressure, heart disease, headaches, kidney stones, stroke, among many other ailments!

*Caramel Coloring has been linked to Cancer, ADHD (especially in children), hyperactivity, migraines, and anxiety.

*Dextrose and Fructose are fancy names for SUGAR.


Banana peppers, water, distilled vinegar, salt, calcium chloride, sodium benzoate (preservative), sodium metabisulfite (preservative), yellow #5, natural flavors, polysorbate 80.

*Yellow #5 is banned in Austria and Norway, and other European countries have a warning label on any product containing it. It is linked to Asthma, Allergies, possible increased cancer risk, Hyperactivity, Migraines, anxiety, and blurred vision.

Checkout the link below if you would like to read more about what’s in your Subway sandwich!


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